Myra MacPherson


All Governments Lie: The Life and Times of Rebel Journalist I. F. Stone
By: Myra MacPherson, published 2006, Scribner; paperback 2008, Scribner.

Winner, 2007 Sperber Award for Biography Finalist

2007 Pen-USA Literary Award A Best Book

2006 -Boston Globe; Rocky Mountain News best book.

A Best Book 2006 Book List Starred reviews Kirkus, Publishers Weekly


"All Governments Lie! is a work equal to its subject—carefully and thoroughly reported, keenly thought out, by turns judicious and appropriately sympathetic… it does equal justice to Stone's life and his work, setting both in a narrative context that will make them intelligible to a generation for whom the 20th century's intellectually and physically murderous strife is receding into murky and attenuated memory." - Los Angeles Times


"More than a biography, it's a study of the press and government." - USA Today


"MacPherson…paints the political landscape in which Stone came of age…" - The New York Times


"MacPherson succeeds with a breadth and depth of detail that would make her subject cackle with delight." - Boston Globe


"MacPherson is tireless and engaging in making her claim for Stone as a sui generis muckraker." - Washington Post


"Myra MacPherson's lovely biography of the man…is ideally timed for the moment…" - Christopher Hitchens - Vanity Fair


"Highly recommended. Remarkable. It is a biography with an unusually rich context." - Chicago Sun Times


"(A) well-researched and sympathetic biography." - Rocky Mountain News


"MacPherson…is an engaging guide." - The San Diego Union Tribune


"MacPherson's book is a marvel in its breadth and depth of research." - The Plain Dealer


"…(a) sweeping biography." - Mother Jones


"A brilliant biography…" - The Seattle Post-Intelligencer "Despite its size, this book is not a door stop, it's a brain stop. Read it!" - Gore Vidal. "A valuable book… not only a biography of Stone but a detailed history of government attempts to manipulate public opinion through much of the twentieth century." - Columbian Journalism Review


"In All Governments Lie!...Macpherson has not only done a splendid job of profiling Stone but has weaved into her narrative a penetrating social and political history of the times in which he lived." - Sacramento Bee


"This biography interweaves his life and journalism within the context of the social and political era, providing an engaging overview of a complex man who challenged his contemporaries." - Library Journal


"With painstaking research, MacPherson offers a penetrating look at one of the nation's most respected journalists and a tour de force of five decades of challenge to the principles of press freedom in a democracy." - Booklist, starred


"MacPherson…(writes with) exceptional rigor, devotion and fairness. Much as Stone might have done, she sets his tale in richly detailed context, with proper emphasis on his maverick stance against the establishment press." -


"Stone remains enormously relevant today, in an era of too much journalistic acquiescence. ... 'Izzy,' as he was called, emerges as a challenging, complex fellow, an ebullient workaholic. But his legacy was earned by a willingness to read documents in depth and apply his eclectic, passionate intelligence -- and MacPherson brings all this to life in this terrific and timely book." - Publishers Weekly, starred


"MacPherson is fearless herself in considering such contradictions as a muckraking millionaire, delivering a welcome and readable study of the influential journalist, ever missed." - Kirkus Reviews, starred


"At last! Myra MacPherson has offered us the definitive life and times of the most independent journalist of our epoch ─ I. F. Stone. Known as Izzy, he revealed to us in his tiny four-page weekly not the 'objectivity' of the Official Word but a hard truth from the bottom up. This book may become a classic: it is mandatory for all young journalists." - Studs Terkel


"I loved every page of this book. My God, what fabulous stories—newspaper stories, political stories, world history and the greatest tabloid there ever was, all crammed into one life." - Molly Ivins, author of Who Let the Dogs In


"...the right book at the right time. It is not only the fascinating story of an American original, it is also a sophisticated history of what went wrong between American journalism and American government." - Richard Reeves, author of President Reagan: The Triumph of Imagination


"Myra MacPherson is a brilliant writer who has written a great book about a journalistic idol ─ Izzy Stone. Would that he were alive today to lead our country to its greatest ideals again." - Helen Thomas, Hearst newspapers columnist and author of Watchdogs of Democracy?


"Izzy Stone comes as close to living up to the rhetoric of free speech and a free press as anyone in the twentieth century. His story is told here in the rich historical context of his time. This book is an important contribution to the current debate about the future and the nature of journalism and why the public as well as journalists should be involved in that debate." - Bill Kovach, chairman, Committee of Concerned Journalists


"Thanks to Myra MacPherson, we finally have a nuanced and sophisticated biography of one of the great legends of American journalism. One can only hope that it wakes up some of the lapdog reporters in today's Washington press corps and reminds them, as I. F. Stone taught us during the Cold War, that 'all governments lie.'" - Craig Unger, author of House of Bush, House of Saud


"Where is Izzy Stone when we need him? His spirit is back in 'All Governments Lie,' a powerful, passionate biography of the courageous writer who defied Official Washington and inspired several generations of journalists. Myra MacPherson, a pioneer in the art of cutting-edge profiles, is brilliant in evoking his life and times." - Curtis Wilkie, author of Dixie

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