Myra MacPherson


Long Time Passing, New Edition: Vietnam and the Haunted Generation

Published Doubley 1984; new editions: Anchor Doubleday 1997; 2002.


MacPherson's BEST SELLING book on the effects of Vietnam on the generation asked to fight that war was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize and was a finalist in the Los Angeles Times Book Awards. It has had numerous updated printings.


More than a decade after it's publication in 1985, Arnold R. Isaacs, noted authority on Vietnam, author of Vietnam Shadows, wrote "Any approach to the subject of Vietnam's aftermath must begin with Myra MacPherson's ground breaking book. Her book, among the first to break the long national silence on the war, remains one of the most moving and important works on the Vietnam bookshelf."


"MacPherson's book belongs with the best of the works on Vietnam, and there has been no better body of war literature that I know of." Joseph Heller, author of Catch-22.


"A brilliant and necessary book…this stunning depiction of Vietnam's bitter fruit is calculated to agitate even the most complacent American." Philadelphia Inquirer.


"Enthralling reading….full of deep and strong emotions." New York Times.


"Dramatic and extremely perceptive….[MacPherson's] findings are unsettling." Newsday.


"There have been many books on the Vietnam War, but few have captured its second life as memory better than Long Time Passing. Washington Post.


"Crowded with poignant moments…Persuasive evidence that the Vietnam crisis of spirit is still with us." Cleveland Plain Dealer.


"Powerful, poignant…The best book yet on the Vietnam experience." Chattanooga Times.


"Powerfully shows the many ways Vietnam's shadow falls across our national life." Chicago Tribune Book World.


Quoted from the book on several websites, including Memorable and Finest Quotes: MacPherson: "Above all, Vietnam was a war that asked everything of a few and nothing of most in America.'

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