Myra MacPherson


Myra MacPherson is an award winning best selling author. The Scarlet Sisters, MacPherson's fifth book, saw a return to the compelling issues of women's rights addressed in her first book The Power Lovers: The Effect of Politics on Political Families. Written during the 1970/s feminist rebirth, it examined the political family façade for the first time and addressed the handful of women in politics. The granddaughter of a coal miner, raised in a town of 800, MacPherson never stopped marveling at the egalitarian world of journalism; a few years after graduating from college she interviewed President Kennedy, for example. She wrote about murderers and serial killers, slain Civil Rights leaders and presidential campaigns, Hollywood celebrities and international leaders Fidel Castro and Nicaraguan President Violeta Chamorro, and the aftermath of the Panama raid to capture Manuel Noriega. In a Mad Men era she was banned from sports boxes because she was a woman, while covering the Indianapolis 500 and the Miracle Mets World Series victory in 1969. Legendary Ben Bradlee hired her for the revolutionary Style section--which changed journalism on a nation-wide scale with its daily magazine approach to politics and art--where her in-depth profiles included the Watergate criminals. A Post series on Vietnam Veterans led to her groundbreaking classic, Long Time Passing: Vietnam and the Haunted Generation, the first trade book to examine Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Her 2006 award winning All Governments Lie: The Life and Times of Rebel Journalist I. F. Stone remains a timely study of politics and the media.


Author Myra MacPherson Presented Sperber Award at Fordham

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